Friday, January 8, 2010

LOVELY IS THE WORLD, part 3 of 3; by Hattie A. Pike (1917)

And the youths and maidens entering the doors of sin and misery in search, remember, of something beautiful, for this is the inborn craving of every human being, choose the lower forms of enjoyment because they know of nothing better! Can Church, State or Nation do better than to send the greatest men and women of the world to them--thousands of messengers where now there is but one, to read to them from nature's open book and give to them her messages, which are connecting links between us and higher things?

"The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places," for always have I have been among people whose ruling love has been the study of nature. I have had weeks of tramping with lovers of the beautiful, up mountains, along mountain torrents, beside quiet brooks where, at every step nature showed her hidden choice treasures.

Have you ever hunted the fresh water mussels where repose the lambent pearl? Have you ever visited the various mines of your country? Bits of amethyst and tourmaline which I have literally "dug out" from the many "dumps" of my state now serve in glittering rings and pendants and are to me more choice than any that money can buy. Interesting specimens of many Maine stones are added to my collection, which, at the same time have brought years of pleasure and good health.

To me one of the greatest joys of living comes in the early spring, when with fishing rod in hand, I follow the meadow brooks. Pussy willows and alders scatter their golden dust, frog ripples fill the air, and amid May-flower scents, the bobolink gurgles, sways and swings in rollicking delight.

Even higher than the joy of spring time, is the privilege of making mine some of the rare sweet wisdom nature offers me on the pages of her lovely book. In the stilly depths of the pools I catch a glimpse of what my spirit's calm should be. In the quiet coming of the rains, I read the truth what life and hope spring forth tho tears are falling. When the big winds billow across the world, something within me lifts and grows brave, and the warm touch of the sun glows clearly thru me so that I feel made anew!

"When you go out into the world at night, lift your face to the storm or to the myriad stars and be glad. A storm is beautiful! Listen to the winds and love them; they are just fresh, let loose from the hand of God. Love the tranquil summer, the golden autumn, the silvered moon overhead and the rustling leaves underfoot. In the depth of winter lift your face to the pure white snow, for every flake is a palace for a fairy. And love the rushing rain, the wide and white-winged angel rain. See beauty, grandeur, goodness in all things, for this is poetry, so free for all.
And the lovers of this beautiful world are brothers and sisters. They are the true poets of the Universe."--Joaquin Miller.